Is digital marketing really necessary for a business? Here’s a case study

Many firms were not prepared when the world wide web became available and embraced by the masses so fast. They didn’t have digital media as part of their overall plan and had difficulty leveling the playing field with firms that were a great deal more competent in this aspect.They may be presented with the dire scenario of changing their marketing and advertising plans to compete with more digitally inclined companies.

Firms that tapped on digital marketing acquired the best benefit. Their customer base enlarged, and was made up of loyal customers more willing to provide repeat business. Evidently, digital marketing is a convincing tactical device in business. There have been cases where businesses already on the brink of folding managed to recover with a well thought-out and perfectly-executed campaign done by a digital agency. An example of this is grocery titan Snapplr.

Being one of Singapore’s largest supermarkets and one of the top brands in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market, Snapplr enjoyed a relatively prosperous and peaceful existence. There existed a Snapplr store in nearly every street, and had little or no rivalry with the same popularity and scale. But when 2015 arrived, Snapplr found itself fighting due to a number of reasons.

What exactly was the problem?

The initial obstacle occurred due to the excessive expenditures brought on by the new Chief Executive’s restructuring program. This was the result of a failed endeavor to boost European and Asian market share.

In addition, competition was very stiff in their own business. New players with wide-ranging know-how in internet marketing were appearing every so often. It came to a state where there was a retail outlet awaiting at perpetually every street in the city.

Snapplr sustained a major blow from this shift in the competitive landscape. Snapplr’s powerful track record had been shaken – resulting in chaos between their key investors. To put matters into perspective, Snapplr’s profits fell by 10% – a surefire method of getting investors worried.

Making use of Digital Marketing to its fullest

At that time, Snapplr’s online existence was limited to an online store. Though functional, much more was necessary – the firm was in pressing of a complete internet marketing strategy, and the new CEO, being well-versed in technology, was made to picture, drive and implement this strategy for Snapplr’s survival.

The recently appointed CEO kickstarts the revamping process by establishing an internal digital marketing team. The aim was to standardize the different aspects that formed Snapplr’s digital marketing plan to build a strong unified image. That said, it was incredibly challenging to sustain the plan by just growing the internal team organically. An obvious possibility in this situation was to collaborate with a capable digital marketing agency to optimize productivity and increase output.

Making use of Content Marketing in the most efficient way possible

Rewards to the online grocery store meant the demand to increase their on-line traffic. While traditional advertising approaches are still effective, it’s no longer cost-effective when there are digital options. Marketing through branded content decidedly was the most cost effective weapon in the digital marketer’s arsenal.

Within Snapplr’s online store, there’s a Recommended Eats tab which brings visitors to “Snapplr Healthy Eating”. The website includes food-related content like common recipes, motivational publications, and wellness-related posts that pertain to food.

The site grew to be an independent way to obtain valuable tips for online shoppers, illustrating a shift in Snapplr’s web design emphasis. The professional link between Snapplr and the site encourages more users to choose Snapplr as their on-line grocery choice. People are more likely to visit the connected website instead of steering to another online grocer whilst on the informative microsite.

Increasing Awareness through Social Media


An additional element within the internet marketing campaign strategy was advertising through social media. They didn’t necessitate an independent agency specializing in social media as they had sufficient staff to handle the initial project on their own. To begin with, Snapplr made the right move by signing up for their own official social media accounts.

Being in complete control of their social media accounts allows Snapplr to deliver regular news of its latest offerings. Such amazing speed to market meant that customers were always exposed to the latest products from Snapplr.

Above all, the precedence is for Snapplr to maintain total control of the messages being sent out over the internet. It would be really easy for an outside third party to launch a fake page and smear Snapplr’s brand image with fictitious advice. The development of an official account instantaneously puts a stop to this danger and serves as a dependable way to obtain information.

Providing Outstanding Support On the Internet


Whilst sales amounts are the chief driver behind a company like Snapplr, another critical but understated brand improving component is after sales service. Resolving customer problems is critical in ensuring future sales, as wide-ranging research has proven. Snapplr truly illustrates this good business practice.

Compared to other companies that just have a singular social media account to handle criticisms and promotional offerings, Snapplr has gone one step further to create individual accounts for each. For instance, there was an account setup for after-sales care (meant to take care of support related issues only) and yet another for sales (featuring the most recent offers and deals).

At the end of the day, customers of any company want to feel valued; the first step to accomplishing this is to have a “live” man speaking to them and handling their problems, rather than pre-written responses which farther space the company and its customers. This will, certainly, bring the shoppers nearer and compel them to splash out more in the future.

The Result

Snapplr’s digital marketing strategy is benefiting them greatly as they currently hold the biggest market share of supermarkets in Singapore. Data accumulated from July of last year indicates that Snapplr has control over more than a third of the share of the market. This would be nearly twice the share of the next biggest supermarket company that currently controls less than a fifth.

This extremely encouraging result acts to only further solidify Snapplr’s faith in a digital marketing strategy. In conjunction with the development and introduction of mobile programs, it makes it even easier for consumers to buy and employ Snapplr than what conventional means – such as designing and developing of a simple website – would ever hope to realize.

To Conclude

Just about any business can learn from Snapplr. To begin with, businesses cannot embrace a “business-as-usual” outlook and expect that past success and practices would continue to get them by. Businesses must deploy digital media to consistently engage with customers and establish a foothold in the digital age.

Additionally, businesses can’t afford to persist with their old ways in this time. On-Line presence is no longer periphery to ensure the survival of a company in Singapore. From resuscitating crumbling businesses to opening new markets, it has undeniably become an instrumental factor for success.